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This is what we do

Systems customized to your needs

We love challenges. The fact that our systems are of high quality and enable efficient storage is no challenge for us. It’s a given. But the solution being easy-to-work and ergonomic, that it’s shaped based on current needs while allowing future expansions, and that we can keep costs down without compromising on quality - regardless of industry and size – that’s the challenge. And we gladly accept it.

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Faster Systems BLS Business Storage Systems
How do we do it

No redos – we nail it from the start

Time is money. But that doesn’t mean we would jeopardize quality and details. On the contrary, details are a prerequisite for faster business, for meeting needs and for exceeding expectations. Being in control of the whole process, from idea to delivery, allows us to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, discover any adjustments in time and to do it right, rather than to do it over again.

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Firmer Storage BLS Business Storage Systems
That's why we do it

Your challenge - our everyday life

Having our own production gives us the freedom to constantly strive to develop, improve and adapt our solutions based on your challenge and product. Something we do every day. That way, we have created and installed hundreds of customer-unique systems across Europe for over 30 years now.

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Case: Firmer Storage

Bilia – Great, strong and safe

When the largest car supplier in the Nordics, Bilia, was looking for someone to develop their warehouse in Malmö the choice fell on us. "The most crucial thing for us was the...

Besök oss på Logistics & Distribution i Malmö

Den 6-7 feb är vi med som utställare på Logistics & Distribution i Malmö – en ledande mässa för framtidens logistik. Besök oss gärna på Malmömässan, monter F00.

Inredning till Byggmax 100e butik i Sverige

Byggmax har nyligen öppnat butik nr 100 i Stenungssund och vi fick äran att återigen leverera bland annat pallställ, virkeställ och grenställ till byggjättens kallhall och gård för byggmaterial. De...