We have the great honour to work with many fantastic companies and different types of businesses. Something we would like to share with you. Therefore, we have collected our assignments here. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about any solution or case.

Case: Firmer Storage

Jollyroom – Delivery in three weeks

The fast-growing e-commerce company Jollyroom needed a warehouse provider that could match their high pace. The solution was pallet racks delivered in 3 weeks....

Case: Smarter Systems

Freezing Foods – For energy-intensive environments

Freezing Foods came to us with a mission of building a system for their cold storage - a complex with a high energy consumption. In order to make it more cost-efficient, they needed to optimise the storage space....

Case: Firmer Storage

Bilia – Great, strong and safe

When the largest car supplier in the Nordics, Bilia, was looking for someone to develop their warehouse in Malmö the choice fell on us. "The most crucial thing for us was the safety of all co-workers. This together with BLS' in-house ...

Case: Faster Business

Gear 4 Music – Quickly, efficiently and smoothly

Gear4music needed to expand its warehouse and move it to a new location. A fast and smooth delivery was required without any interruptions in their daily business. "BLS was the only company that could deliver the complete solution we ...

Case: Smarter Systems

PostNord – Expansion, flexibility and efficiency

BLS was honoured to deliver and assemble pallet racks and shelves to PostNord - the largest logistics centre for e-commerce in Sweden....

Case: Firmer Storage

Götessons – Best storage system in the industry

Götessons came to us with the mission of not only building a storage according to the FIFO principle, but also to develop special solutions that would meet the criteria of having the best storage in the industry. "In addition to the f...