Götessons came to us with the mission of not only building a storage according to the FIFO principle, but also to develop special solutions that would meet the criteria of having the best storage in the industry.

“In addition to the fact that the quality of the storage has improved, with fewer mispicks, our productivity has increased by 70–80 percent in 4 years.”

Own production was crucial

As part of Götessons’ work towards a leaner production, they wanted to build a new warehouse of 2500 m² during their relocation. The goal was to build the “best warehouse in the industry”. In addition to a storage system that utilizes the floor surface and the height of 12 m we installed the system according to the FIFO principle. We painted everything black to fit the rest of the building and also helped develop a system for handling flat large packages – solutions designed specifically for Götessons.

Dual turnover and productivity

“We knew we would have to expand to almost the double within a few years, so the local anchoring and close contact with BLS was very important to us. We also had several special requests that were vital to us. Something that could be done because of their own production. The goal was never really productivity but being able to cope with extensive growth. In a few years we have doubled our sales and have also increased our productivity by 70-80 percent. BLS is a major part of that result. “

About Götessons

Götessons develop and manufacture products for office, conference and hotel workplaces. The company was founded in 1984 and in 2015 they moved to brand new properties and were appointed Sweden’s third most beautiful office that same year. With Europe as the main market, Götessons ensure ergonomic, functional and well-designed overall solutions for their customers.

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