After finding BLS on the internet and reading more about our solutions for handling tyres, Jafor BvBa in Belgium decided to visit us and our production in Sweden. A visit that later ended with an investment in tyre racks.

More efficient solutiond

For Jafor BvBa, the inefficiency of handling tyres was what made them start looking for other solutions. Previously, Jafor BvBa stored tires on pallets in pallet racks and during storage, several sets of tyres were placed on a pallet which was then stored in the rack. After reading more about our solution for tyres, Jafor BvBa decided to visit us and our production in Småland.

Ergonomic and safe storage

Jafor BvBa chose to invest in a tyre rack with a total capacity of 1350 tyre. The tyre kits are stored horizontally in 5 different levels and. This rack is not only an effective way to optimize and utilize the space for storing tires optimally, but which also provides ergonomic and safe storage for employees.

About Jafor BvBa

Jafor BvBa is a Belgian company specializing in tyre storage solutions. They deliver complete solutions with tyre racking where the goal is to optimize each space optimally.

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