Freezing Foods came to us with a mission of building a system for their cold storage – a complex with a high energy consumption. In order to make it more cost-efficient, they needed to optimise the storage space.

Cost-intensive and high energy consumption

Freezing Foods AB consists of two hauliers, Nybro Transport and Mörbylånga Åkeri. The hauliers wanted to secure the transports in the Kalmar region and decided to jointly invest in a cold storage.

In the 4,000 m³cold storage, 45 tons of fresh produce will be frozen in freezing tunnels every day. This means a storage requirement of 12,000 pallets. Furthermore, the temperature in these tunnels is 48 degrees below zero. After that, products will be stored in 25 degrees below zero, a slightly milder temperature. This results in a costly environment with high energy consumption. Therefore, Freezing Foods needed a storage system that utilizes the surface to the max.

Three times as much storage

“The reason why we chose BLS and their mobile pallet racking system is quite obvious. With our high operating costs, we needed to optimise the storage space to the max. With mobile pallet racks we can utilize the surface in a very efficient and smooth way and at the same time mount three times more units than with regular fixed pallet racks.”

About Freezing Foods

Freezing Foods is located in the middle of the transport hub Nybro in Småland. They develop solutions in food handling and offer, among other things, refrigerating and freezing storage, freezing equipment, container loading and distribution of goods throughout Sweden.

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