Cycleurope wanted to enhance its storage capacity to streamline its day-to-day processes. BLS AB provided a tailored solution by dismantling the old storage system and installing a new one during nighttime to minimise disruptions to daily operations.

Pallet racks with fire sprinklers

Cycleurope recently upgraded its storage system with pallet racks from BLS. The new racks have replaced the old system that did not meet the needed safety requirements. The racks were replaced in both the production area and the warehouse. The delivered storage system has the ability to accommodate up to 3,000 pallets and is suitable for both Euro-pallets and steel cage pallets. The racks are equipped with rails that make it easy to handle and store the steel cage pallets. Additionally, each pallet rack has in-rack fire sprinklers to protect products and personnel. The fire sprinklers are particularly important as the company stores large quantities of bicycle tires, which are highly flammable.

Installation at night

The installation of the new rack system was scheduled during nighttime to minimise disruptions to daily operations. In addition to this challenge, installing the new racks with level sprinklers required thorough coordination among all involved parties, including BLS AB, Cycle Europe, and the sprinkler installers. Close collaboration was essential to ensure proper functioning post-installation. With thorough planning and effective communication, issues and delays were successfully prevented. As a result, the new rack system was installed according to schedule without any interruptions to Cycleurope’s daily operations.

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    About Cycleurope

    Cycleurope is one of the leading companies in Europe in the manufacturing and sales of bicycles and electric bicycles. The company manufactures and distributes bicycles under brands such as Crescent, Monark, Sjösala, Tec, and Spectra. Cycleurope design, develop and builds its products in Varberg, Sweden.

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