We welcome unexpected challenges

For us, good service is about making the right decision and deciding what will be best for you in this very moment. To think first and do later. To always have an action plan yet leave room for adjustments. To be able to imagine the end result and then choose the best way to get there. And not just when it runs smoothly. On the contrary. Top-notch deliveries of projects that run smoothly is something anyone can do. But to be able to solve unexpected challenges along the way – that’s a bit of a sport for us and something we welcome with open arms.

Delivery in three weeks

Jollyroom is the Nordic region’s largest e-commerce for children’s and baby products with the largest warehouse on the market – a total of 65,000 m2. They are constantly in an expansion phase and therefore need to develop their warehouses at the same fast pace. We have delivered storage systems to Jollyroom in several stages and to several different addresses for several years. What has been common to all is the delivery time. Something that usually takes 7 weeks for other suppliers and 5 weeks for us, we now delivered in 3.

Case: Faster Business

JYSK – A better flow of goods and a halved handling time

JYSK wanted to expand their warehouse with a new storage solution. They wanted a solution that could use the ceiling height in the warehouse and improve the flow of goods.

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