Cornice racking

Cornice racking is a practical, easily handled system for vertical storage of rods, pipes and other long items.

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To buy a new storage system or update a already existing is an long term investment that requires both time and planning. There are many decisions to be made and it is an investment in both time, money and knowledge. A good storage system should fill the current needs, and at the same time be flexible to fit the future needs. BLS helps you to make the right decision and make sure that everything goes as planned. We offer a wide range of storage systems and storage accessories that fits different types of businesses. We provide pallet racking, modular shelving, cantilever racking and other varieties of storage systems.

We have developed and produced storage systems for a quarter of a century – and we have made good use of the time. As we are not involved in trading but actually manufacture the products ourselves, we can refine them down to the smallest detail. Each bend follows a carefully calculated radius and each stamp is perfectly placed BLS storage systems is ISO 9001 quality certified. Quality has never been a problem for us. Monitoring quality, routines and safety is always much easier when you are in control. Our CITY pallet racking is approved according to European standard SS-EN 15512:2009 ’Design principles’. We also satisfy the requirements in SS-EN 15635:2008 ’Assembly, operation and maintenance,’ SS-EN 15620:2008 ’Tolerance’ and SS-EN 15629:2008 ’Specification’.

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