Cantilever racking

Ideal for long goods

Our cantilever system is intended for lighter long goods, pipes and boards. A system totally adaptable to your demands for storage.

Adapted to your needs

The system can be tailored, with number of columns, strut sections and loading arms – single- or double sided with different loading capacities, in depth and height. It can be used just as well indoors as outdoors. It can also easily be rebuilt, added on and expanded – as your needs evolves. The system is easy to install upon delivery. But as each warehouse has its specific challenges – please feel free to ask us for tips and advice in finding a solution suitable to you.

Mobile cantilever racks

Our mobile cantilever racks can hold lengths of up to 50 m and loads of 500 tons. The units are operated with a remote control on the truck or with a simple operating button. The opening time is about 35 sec.

For a safe workplace

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out in a safe and adequate manner.

Safety reqirements
BLS cantilever racks meet all safety requirements according to Swedish Standard SS2643 (INSTA 253) and the European Supplier Code FEM 10.2.09, which among others includes dimension instructions.

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