Tyre racking

An agile system to organise and handle tyres, no matter the size of storage.

We offer tyre racks and flexible tyre storage solutions adaptable to your needs – whether you are a tyre manufacturer with a large storage need, a car dealer or a smaller repair shop.

Ergonomic storage and high availability

In order for you to be able to keep the car repair shop organised, a robust storage system is required. A system as safe and cautious to the tyres as to your employees. When changing tyres, it is easy to find the right tyres for the customer in order to be able to quickly begin the work operation.

In short, tyre racks bring the following benefits:

  • ergonomic and safe storage with lockable possibilities
  • possibility to offer storage services for customers (winter tyres / summer tyres)
  • space saving and optimised utilisation of existing space in the repair shop or garage
  • improved organisation
  • ability to adjust the number of units according to the space in your workshop.

Mobile tyre rack

Our mobile tyre stackers can handle lengths of up to 50 m and loads of 500 tons. The units are operated with a remote control on the truck or with a simple push of a button. The opening time is about 35 sec. The workload of warehouse workers decreases while accessibility and efficiency are high. We also offer tyre pallet storage systems adaptable to different levels depending on the warehouse ceiling height. These work well for storing different types of tyres, such as passenger car tyres or truck tyres. This storage type is ideal for large volumes in a larger warehouse or distribution centre.

Landscape deck stacking

The system can be built with up to seven levels in height. Each deck space is equipped with three arms for maximum stability and safety. These can be adjusted with c/c 25 mm in height. The system is available as both fixed and mobile.

Manual tyre storage

We manufacture manual tyre racks with crank drive, lengths up to about 10 m and with capacity for loads up to about 10 tons. For lesser storage needs, this solution may be suitable.

For a safe workplace

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out in a safe and adequate manner.

Rack guards must be installed when risk of impacts and collapses

By attaching the rack guard to the back of the stacker rack, we prevent goods from falling and causing personal or material damage. According to Swedish standard SMS2240, rack guards are required in all warehouses where staff works in direct proximity of the pallet racks. The guards can be used with all types of stackers, since the system is based on six standard sections, which can be adapted with customised dimensions for all modern shelving systems. It is made of the highest quality and designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Our impact protection is available in different versions and gives you the safety you need at your company. Please contact us and we will tell you more.

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