Mezzanine systems

An extra storage level

A smart and cost-effective solution that utilises the storage height of your warehouse. It creates an extra storage level without add-ons. Everything is delivered painted, with easy-to-install parts.

Creating new possibilities

With a mezzanine floor as part of the warehouse furnishing, you can utilise the storage height in the best manner. We dimension and manufacture complete mezzanine levels according to your demands. The floor of the mezzanine is made of non-slip, durable floor plywood, supported by profiled sheet metal. If necessary, we also offer grate floor joists. Mezzanine floors can also be built on existing shelving and pallet rackers. Stairs, railings, gates, etc. are all included. All materials are delivered in easily assembled parts, to be bolted together during assembly. All steel is delivered painted.

For a safe workplace

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out in a safe and adequate manner.

Safety requirements
BLS mezzanine racks complies with the CE marking DS/EN 1090.

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