Mezzanine systems

An extra storage level

A smart and cost-effective solution that utilises the storage height of your warehouse. It creates an extra storage level without add-ons. Everything is delivered painted, with easy-to-install parts.


Mezzanine creates new opportunities

With a mezzanine system as a part of your storage system, you can make optimal use of the ceiling height in the best possible way. The system gives your local an extra floor plan without the need to expand. We dimension and manufacture complete mezzanine floors according to your wishes. All material is delivered in easily assembled parts.

Loading the mezzanine

The mezzanine is custom made after which storage and loading are needed. Our mezzanine can handle between 250-1000kg/m² with a span up tp 8x12m. For large spans, the mezzanine can be combined with a traditional hot rolled beam.

Designed for easy assembling

The mezzanine is constructed with a light-beam system consisting of beams in roll-shaped sheet metal. There is no need for welding during the assembly because the system is designed with bolted joints. This makes the mezzanine easily screwed together which results in short installation time and low installation costs.

Floor of the mezzanine adapted to your requirement

The floor of the mezzanine is adapted to your requirements and needs for capacity. We offer floor surface in grid plate, wood or laminate. We also offer gratings in several different design and dimensions if required. For lighter loads, there is also a possibility to use chipboard flooring.


Standard colors

The mezzanines light-beam is hot-dip galvanized. All steel comes powder coated and the standard colours are white (RAL 9002) and blue (RAL 5019). Other colours can, of course, be quoted as an option.

Stairs and rails

Staircase to the mezzanine can be formed in different ways and you can choose whether you want the stairs straight, angled or spiral. The steps are manufactured in gratings and the standard width are 900mm but can, of course, be adapted to other widths depending on your wishes. To make it safe to be on the mezzanine is railing inclouded. The rail is adapted to your requirements regarding the requirements for children’s safety as well as the specific environment where you will build the mezzanine.  Stairs and railings are adapted to the customer and the various needs that exist.

Safe loading and handling

For the safe loading and handling of goods, the mezzanine is provided with a self-closing gate. The gate opens automatically inwards when you push the pallet against it for maximum safety. To the gate is a wear plate that protects the mezzanine against wear, this can be adjusted as needed.

Fristående entresol över lager

Above our modular shelves and pallet racks, you can build a stand-alone Mezzanine to utilize the existing storage area. The storage under the mezzanine can then be used as picking storage or to store goods in different dimensions. With our complete range of accessories, storage of goods with widely differing dimensions in modular shelves or pallet racks is simple and convenient.

Timber racks with mezzanine

Timber racks are used for storage of timber, the packages are handled on rollers that are integrated into special beams, allowing timber varying in length and shape to be stored on the same rack. The rollers facilitate handling of the timber as it can be rolled easily in and out. Many of our customers choose to build a mezzanine system on our timber rack for storage of lighter material such as insulation and more. We also offer a wide range of accessories that provides storage on the mezzanine adapted after storages needs. For instance, the mezzanine can be provided with a slide which makes it easy to take down goods.

For a safe workplace

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed, you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out safely and adequately.

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    Utilize the area to the maximum

    When the Malmstolen began to expand its warehouse space in Stenungsund, the choice was to expand or utilize the area they already had to the maximum. To expand its warehouse efficiently and economically, Malmstolen invested in an independent mezzanine and chose BLS as its supplier. The mezzanine has a steel frame consisting of steel pillars and beams of light-beam profiles with a total surface of about 75m². The system has a load capacity of 500kg / m². The mezzanine gave the Malmstolen an extra floor plan to store goods while utilizing the ceiling height to the maximum.

    Cornice racking

    Cornice racking is a practical, easily handled system for vertical storage of rods, pipes and other long items.

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