Mobile systems

Cost-effective method to use up to 90 per cent more of your warehouse space

Our mobile pallet stacking system is a rational and cost-effective storage method. It can increase the utilisation rate of your existing premises by up to 90% compared to regular pallet stackers.

Minimum number of truck aisles

Mobile racking offers enormous space savings. By keeping the number of aisles to a minimum, space utilisation can be increased by up to 85%. Mobile units are frequently used when storage space is costly – in freezer stores and cold stores for example.

Easy handeling with mobile systems

The mobile units move sideways, allowing maximum use of the storage space. The bases that make up the mobile systems are operated individually. With the aid of capacitive sensors, a preset distance can be maintained to ensure the bases do not collide with the goods. The correct number of motors on each base ensures smooth and a balanced movement even with long sections. We offer electrically operated units up to 50 metres in length and for loads up to 500 tonnes. They can be operated by remote control from the truck or with the simple press of a button. The opening time is around 35 seconds.

For a safe work enviroment

The system offers a high inbuilt level of safety. All the aisles are protected by light barriers. Photocells are located under the bases, at the front edge, and when necessary at the rear edge. An audio signal is also emitted when the base is in operation.

Manual unit with a crank mechanism

There is also the manual unit option with a crank mechanism that can handle lengths of around 10 metres and loads up to 10 tonnes This solution fit smaller warehouses and is an economic alternative to the electric-powered units.

Flexible storage with mobile pallet racking

Get flexible storage with mobile pallet racking. Pallet handling using City pallet racking offers considerable flexibility and efficient logistics when handling goods, regardless of the industry. With our complete range of accessories,  starter and extension bays and can, therefore, adapt to all warehouses. Our mobile pallet rack operated units up to 50 metres in length and for loads up to 500 tonnes.

Mobile modular shelving

One of the more effective ways to utilise the full space of your storage area is to use mobile shelves – available in both manual and electric power design. The mobile shelves are floor-based on rails and can be added with more sections. Dense storage also provides a higher level of safety compared to other options. Our complete range of storage shelves is equally suitable for the store warehouse and archiving as for the car repair shop.

Mobile cantilever racks

We also provide mobile systems for our cantilever racks. Our cantilever system is intended for lighter long goods, pipes and boards. The system is adaptable to your demands for storage. The system can be tailored, with several columns, strut sections and loading arms – single- or double-sided with different loading capacities, in-depth and height. It can be used just as well indoors as outdoors. It can also easily be rebuilt, added on and expanded – as your needs evolve.

Mobile tyre rack

We offer tyre racks and flexible tyre storage solutions adaptable to your needs – whether you are a tyre manufacturer with a large storage need, a car dealer or a smaller repair shop. For you to be able to keep the car repair shop organised, a robust storage system is required. A system as safe and cautious to the tyres as to your employees.

Tire trucks adapted to systems

BLS also offers a range of tire trucks that are adapted to the system being purchased. The stacks are available as both hand-drawn and electrical alternative. For safe handling, the trucks are equipped with camera and roof.

Annual security check

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out safely and adequately.

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    Bildeve-mobile tyre racks

    BLS has delivered mobile tyre racks to Bildeve in Helsingborg. Since we at BLS got to be from an early stage together with Bildeve. This enabled us to offer a well-thought-out solution adapted to Bildeve's workflow. After delivering the tyre warehouse in Helsingborg, we were also honoured to deliver another warehouse to Bildeve. This time to the branch in Höganäs. Together, the units we have delivered holds over 23,000 tires on a total area of ​​about 1600m².

    Cornice racking

    Cornice racking is a practical, easily handled system for vertical storage of rods, pipes and other long items.

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