Modular shelving

Effective and flexible systems,
saving space

Our complete range of storage shelves is equally suitable for the store warehouse and archiving as for the car repair shop. Whether you need to store goods on pallets or handle smaller goods on shelves, we have the flexible storage and warehouse systems that will save you space. We also make sure that your warehouse management is as efficient as possible with easy-to-adapt accessories.

In our standard range, we offer modular shelves at heights 2100mm, 2500mm and 2900mm. The standard width of our modular shelves is 1000mm and 1300mm. The depth of the shelf can then be adjusted between 300-600mm as needed. Our shelves have a maximum section load of 1500kg. We also make modular shelves at special heights. Contact us for more information.

Our modular shelves in starter and extension bays in the heights 2100mm and 2500mm with a width of 1000mm. Our starter bays include complete modular shelving with a back cross.

In addition to the option to choose the size of the modular shelving system, you can choose whether you want to cover the sides of the system with side panels and a back panel. A modular shelving system with covered sides is good for storing smaller products as it prevents the products from falling from the shelves. We also offer door sections that are complete packages with shelves, side and back plates at a height of 2100 mm.

Custom shelves

We offer shelves that can handle loads from 75kg widespread load up to 200kg widespread load per shelf for shelves with open ends and back cross. For shelves with a width of 1000mm, we also offer the accessory reinforcing rail which is supplied in galvanized design and which provides an opportunity to increase the load by 50kg widespread load on each shelf it is used on. The shelves are easily adapted to storage needs as the shelves can be adjusted 50mm in height.


Standard colours

Our modular shelving systems are supplied in galvanized versions OR uprights in blue powder paint (RAL 5007) and shelves and other accessories in grey powder paint (RAL 7035). Just like our pallet racks, we also offer modular shelves in other colours, which is offered as an option.

We offer a wide range of accessories to our shelving systems for the ability to adapt the systems to your storage needs.  We offer, among other things, a drawer that can withstand 25 kg widespread load and partition sheets at heights between 100-300 mm and depths between 300-600 mm.

We have a large range of shelf and logistics-adapted storage bins. If you wish, the bins can be fitted with transparent dividers that still allow in a lot of light, a bin stop for ergonomic picking and a viewer opening to maintain a good overview. The materials used for the bins are of course environmentally adapted and recyclable. The bins can be stacked for compact, space-saving transport.

One of the more effective ways to utilise the full space of your storage area is to use mobile shelves – available in both manual and electric power design. The mobile shelves are floor-based on rails and can be added with more sections. Dense storage also provides a higher level of safety compared to other options.

Above our shelves, you can also build a stand-alone Mezzanine to utilize the existing storage area. Read more about this here or contact us and we will tell you more.

Our modular shelvings are developed and manufactured in our factory in Sweden. Through our production, we can guarantee high quality and fast deliveries as we have full control from the development of the products to delivery and assembly.

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out safely and adequately.