Driving force and intuition

Your daily challenges, your products and your business – that is the focus in everything we do. And the willpower is what drives us. To constantly strive to be better, to be at the forefront, and in some cases to be the one who leads the way through new solutions and the latest technology. That is the reason we never settle for standard solutions. That we always encourage discussion and see change as something positive and developing. And above all, we use our intuition to prioritize – always in your favour.

For energy-intensive environments

Freezing Foods came to us with a mission of building a system for their cold storage – a complex with a high energy consumption. In order to make it more cost-efficient, they needed to optimise the storage space, and the solution turned out to be a mobile pallet racking system. That way we were able to mount three times more units than with regular fixed pallet racks.

Case: Smarter Systems

Armémuseum – Effective storage solution for Army Museum

The National Swedish Museum of Military History established a new storage facility in Arlandastad with Armémuseum (Army Museum). The new facility's purpose is to create a spac...

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