Gear4music needed to expand its warehouse and move it to a new location. A fast and smooth delivery was required without any interruptions in their daily business.

“BLS was the only company that could deliver the complete solution we needed.”

Expansion and move without interruption in production

Gear4music came to BLS for the first time in August 2016, when we had the honour of installing pallet racks in their warehouse. Pallet racks provide great flexibility and efficient logistics for handling goods, regardless of industry, and with a space of 2500 m2 and 6m in height the surface could be utilized to the max. In just a few years, Gear4music has grown and almost tripled its customer base. With the expansion, they need to move into a new warehouse and expand the surface to 7000 m2 with a height of 11m – without pausing the business.

BLS was the only option

“Of all options, BLS was the only company that could deliver the exact solution we needed. In addition to adapting the old storage to the new space by reusing as much as possible, we needed someone who could implement it quickly and efficiently without pausing our business. Moving a warehouse filled with goods and racks to a whole new place without shutting down production requires a solid partner, a great relationship with that partner and a clear and fast communication, not only a steel supplier. BLS has really delivered something extraordinary and we’re completely satisfied with their work. They have fully adapted to our needs and have almost acted like a mover – something one does not expect from a supplier.”

About Gear4music

Gear4music was founded in 2003 and today has 1.5 million customers. As a leading retailer of musical instruments and e-commerce music equipment, they need a large storage that facilitates their extensive product management.

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