Timber racking

Easily handled storage systems for the storage of timber

We have several smart and easy-to-handle storage systems for timber. We can either supply complete solutions with storage systems, mezzanine, walls and roofs, or solutions that add to your existing system.

Storage for timber

Timber racks are used for storage of timber, the rack provides space-saving storage that is easy to refill. The packages are handled
on rollers that are integrated into special beams, allowing timber varying in length and shape to be stored on the same rack. The rollers facilitate handling of the timber as it can be rolled easily in and out. The system can also be easily changed and expanded. To make optimal use of the ceiling height, a mezzanine can be added to create extra space.

Easy to handle regardless of length and shape

Rollers, integrated into special carrier beams, move the timber and packages. This also means that timber with varying length and shape can be stored in the racking system. The rollers facilitate timber handling as it is easily rolled in and out. The system is also easy to adjust and to add on. In order to use the storage height in the best way, a mezzanine is a smart add-on.

Paint in your own profile color

The frames and rollers are galvanized for increased durability and longevity. The front beam is powder coated in red (RAL 2002), but we can also provide the system in your profile colours.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

Front beam with knob

For efficient and safe storage timber our front beam is equipped with a knob that allows the first roll in the system to be locked. Locking the roll prevents the timber packages from rolling out of the rack when individual planks are rolled out of the rack.

Customized solutions

To make the storage of timber as simple and space-saving as possible is the timber racks height, length and depth adapted after the storage needs. The section width of the rack is 1200mm. The number of rolls adjusted to the length and weight of your timber package.

Mezzanine for extra storage

Many of our customers choose to build a mezzanine system on our timber rack for storage of lighter material such as insulation and more. The mezzanine is provided with handrails, gates and stairs for easy handling of the goods. We also a wide range of accessories that provide storage on the mezzanine adapted after storages needs. For instance, the mezzanine can be provided with a slide which makes it easy to take down goods.

Development and manufacturing

Our timber rack is manufactured in our fabric in Sweden. The rack is built on the construction of our pallet rack that we have developed and manufactured for over 30 years. The front beam is designed specifically for timber handling. Through our products, we can guarantee high quality and fast deliveries as we have full control from the development of the products to the delivery and assembly of the products.

For a safe workplace

As you probably know, a qualified inspector should annually inspect all storage systems. We have over the years built and refined a good relationship with inspection companies. A contact we are happy to share with you. When the inspection is completed you can send the report to us and we will ensure that maintenance is carried out safely and adequately.

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    Byggmax-Lagring av virke

    BLS has received the honor of supplying storage systems to the building supplier Byggmax. In total, BLS has supplied, cornice racking and timber racks to a total of 35 Byggmax stores.

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